into the flood again

I will die in this sick world of mine.

Dedicated to  ALICE  IN  CHAINS.
   {Layne Staley. Sean Kinney. Jerry Cantrell. Mike Starr}  and some others                       grunge bands: Pearl Jam. Nirvana. Soundgarden. Mad Season.          Temple Of The Dog and more.                                                                                                                                                                    Shannon Hoon                                                      REST IN PEACE.

I love you forever.

+ A letter to Layne Thomas Staley: Happy Birthday.

I spent 30 minutes writing and erasing to not look bad, as a person who wishes you a “Happy Birthday" to someone who is gone and who I didn’t have the pleasure of knowing. But I don’t care what people think of me, so… I’ll start with this with: HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAYNE!

Layne… What can I say about you? To start I want to reproach for not being here celebrating your birthday. Yes I do. But I’m not writing this to berate everything you did wrong in your life, we all make mistakes, and some are paid this way. Unfair. But finally pay.

You’d be fulfilling years and would follow as sure as beautiful when you were 20… With that voice, that unique and unrepeatable style.

I remember the first time I heard his voice I was about 8 years old… The father of my brother put “Them Bones" for ironing clothes in those days, and I think from that moment I was hooked with the band. So, I started looking for more information about them, Who was that person with the most beautiful voice I had heard? Yes, it was Layne. He captivated me. As the years passed, he and they became increasingly important in my life. They saved me. And when I wrote “They saved” literally mean “saved”, they  did it!. They took me out of many bad things that happened in my life. And that’s what I value most.

But, well, the days passed and we can only remember the best way, with good things, with everything conveyed to sing, to speak, but to sing. I listen to “Love, Hate, Love" and gives me chills, I conveyed that … Something. And that is what truly sorry you are no longer among us. The connection I had with him, was and still is amazing. I think in another life were soulmates. When he sings I can feel the pain, I identify so much with your words.

I find it very difficult to express what he means to me, but I think I can summarize that: He is a very special person to me. Although I hadn’t have the pleasure of knowing him, and I will never have the privilege of seeing him live is very special to me. I have so much to say but sometimes I feel that words are not enough so I’ll end up saying that…

Layne, you will always live in the hearts of us all.
Happy Birthday my love, wherever you are, we love you.

(1967-2002) Never forget what happend in this town.

With love, name-your-god-n-bleed-the-freak or simply, Micu.


Today is not a happy date to me. Today it will be the birthday of my idol.
I am very sad, you know. But, well, we can only remember him with words. But I made a video tribute for him… Here it is (↑), if you want to watch and share feelings with everyone else out there. I hope you like it.

Layne, wherever you are, we love you, we remember you, you are a legend. And legends never dies. I love you forever.

Thank you for save me so many times.

           ▬Happy Birthday,Facelift!
What’s your favorite song? Mine’s Put You Down, It Ain’t Like That, and well, it’s very dificult to choose only one.

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